Author Elizabeth Moon writes the sequel, Kings of the North, to Oath of Fealty. If you have not read it, I wrote a review of Oath of Fealty here. Kings of the North picks up with King Kieri’s coronation and him attempting to find a wife.

Like the last book in the series, Moon tells the stories of multiple groups a few chapters at a time. You will follow along with King Kieri, Duke Verrakai, Arcolin and the cohort, and others. As in other books in the series, there is a handy map printed in the beginning.

Elves, Gnomes, Dwarfs and more

Previous books in the series focused on the humans and had little interaction with other fantasy beings. Kings of the North expands more into elven culture, history and their interaction with the mortal world. Additionally, you also gain insight into the distinction between gnomes and dwarfs. There are other fantasy creatures in the book as well, with a clear departure from human mid-evil war literature.

Greater Fantasy Focus

Humans clearly take a side role in this book with the focus shifting to fantasy. You learn about rangers with their magic and arrows, gnomes and dwarfs with ground rock-like magic, and the ‘tag-sense’. While it is good to learn about these other parts of the universe, it means there is less focus on military tactics and sword fighting.

Kings of the North Summary

Kings of the North dives straight into the works of fantasy and explains more about the magic in its’ universe. In my opinion, other books in the series are stronger, because they are more relatable. Magic being the focus in this book, means it has less time for sword-art and wartime battles. There are still sword fights, it just seems that Elizabeth Moon decided to focus on the fantasy portion of the world in this book of the series.

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