The Mountain is You: Transforming Self-Sabotage Into self-Mastery is a short book written by Brianna Wiest. Overall, this is a good self help book that challenges you to look in yourself for issues in your life and find the resolutions. However, the book is confusing at times, seemingly taking both sides to an issue. As an example: the author states to get over trauma, you should avoid predicting the future and asking “what if?” In contrast, in order to envision the best version of yourself (which is an exercise the author recommends), you must dream of your future.

While I understand there is a difference between getting over trauma and improving yourself, I would suggest that the best version of you can only be known by God. Unfortunately, God is nowhere in this book as a reference. I agree with the author, most of the time we are the problem in our lives; additionally, God is the one that will help us through our problems.

Choices Matter

The author talks about how in order to change yourself, you should first get mad within yourself. This could be misconstrued as advice to get ‘mad at’ yourself. I would redirect and say to get mad at your choices, not yourself. Most likely, no one is forcing you to spend money on extra things, eat more, not exercise, not contact your family, etc. These are choices we all make every day ourselves. Will we be gracious, kind and strong people or will we repeat what we did yesterday and avoid change?

Wiest does point out that small, consistent change at regular intervals is key to a lasting change. I would add that we falter at some point even when it’s our habit to choose good. It’s possible to misspend money, overeat, drink too much, etcetera even when we have made positive choices in our lives. Throughout our change and our choices, we need God to forgive us and lead us back on the path with positive choices.

Proverbs 16: 2

Subconscious Feelings

On the topic of subconscious feelings, the author talks about how your behavior might indicate that your subconscious is trying to tell you some ‘wisdom’. I would also be cautious with that idea and rather ask for the wisdom from God.

As an example: perhaps your behavior is to save all your money and never spend a dime. To be a hoarder of money but never spend any of it to the point of detriment to yourself and others around you. If you were to look into your childhood, maybe your ‘subconscious‘ was trying to tell you that you never had money growing up so that is why you hoard it. However, without Godly principles of wisdom to save some, spend some and give some away, you cannot change your behavior.

Therefore, you may look to your subconscious to see why you act the way you do. The healing step should be to look to God for answers and then act on them. Do not take credit for ‘wisdom’ you did not come up with.

Proverbs 22: 7-9

The Mountain is You Summary

Overall I believe this book gets you half of the way there. It forces you to look to yourself for the issues in your life. The next step is to look to God for answers and healing. By admitting your fault and asking for help from the Lord, it will help people heal in a lifelong way.

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