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Crypto Affiliate Links logo affiliate is an alternative to YouTube. Use my affiliate link here to watch and earn. You will find old youtube favorites on the site and fringe creators. You can post blogs on the site in addition to videos. Livestreaming is also available. logo affiliate

For an alternative to Google, you can get a 25 PRE token bonus if you use my referral code here. This is to support a decentralized web search engine with You can still use other search engines within Presearch, the service simply strips your personal data to do a clean search using the providers you specify and presents you with the result. You can also run your own node and, after staking, can get paid in more PRE to contribute to the project.

Publish0x logo affiliate

People get crypto to read and post blogs. Publish0x is like Medium but the author and the reader get tips. Use my referral link and check it out. The crypto you get paid varies. The payments are based on a minimum amount to make the transaction worthwhile over that blockchain.

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