For this post on naval history, we explore a bit of history on the USS Narwhal (SS-167). The USS Narwhal was one of five submarines docked for overhaul at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese struck on December 7th, 1941. The gunners on the boat did assist in the retaliation against torpedo planes. Luckily, the Japanese largely ignored the submarine base, and the USS Narwhal suffered no damage. 

That event quickly launched the USS Narwhal on various patrols in the Pacific. She was looking for targets, delivering cargo and transportation of personnel. During her time serving during World War II, she went and returned from 15 war patrols.  Her 14th war patrol was from the 14th of September to the 5th of October. 

The first part of her mission was to drop off cargo and a shore party on the island Mindanao in the Philippines on the 22nd of September. Eventually, she traveled to the north part of the island for another cargo drop off with additional personnel on the 27th of September. She then stayed there to evacuate 81 Allied POWs on the 29th of September. Amazingly, these POWs had survived the sinking of the Shinyo Maru by another submarine, the USS Paddle (SS-263), back on the 7th of September.  In conclusion, she took the POWs to safety in New Guinea to end her 14th war patrol. 

USS Narwhal (SS-167)


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