The Oppressive Caterpillar

Comic Title: The Oppressive Caterpillar

the oppressive caterpillar comic.

In a commanding voice with bravado, the compliant caterpillar states “By order of the Government of Caterpillars I need you to eat this mushroom, for your safety.

The weary caterpillar responds “But I already ate some other mushrooms and I should be able to eat what I want…

Appreciative of the active compliance, the oppressive caterpillar concludes “Thank you for your helpful compliance. You have just saved yourself and everyone around you! Share and stay safe!

Remember children, you must stay safe! It is imperative you comply with all who lord over you for your safety! If we are not safe we die. You must comply and stay safe to stay alive!

Imagine a world with free thought! It’s frightening, why it’s down right horrible! If we could make decisions for ourselves why we would just be free thinkers! We might even be responsible for our own actions. That will not do. Comply with authority and banish free thought from your minds!

The free online software GIMP was used to create the comic image. You can find a copy for yourself here:

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God bless you!

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