The Legacy Journey, written by Dave Ramsey, is about the biblical view of wealth and using that wealth for the kingdom of God. This book is intended for those that have learned from the seven baby steps and are on their way or already have built wealth. Keep in mind, that in most first world countries, we are all already wealthy. At one time I was in Bahrain and was reminded of this daily on my walk to work. Some of the housekeeping staff that maintained the apartment complex that I lived in resided in shacks next to the apartment.

I need to keep this in mind when I use running water, electricity, hot water or buy items off the internet and send something to my address. Once we chew on some humble pills, a great question to ask is: who is the owner of our estate?

Owner of the estate

Dave answers this question that in the biblical view, God is the owner of our estate. We do not own our wealth, we manage it for the kingdom of God. Dave then tackles a bunch of do’s and don’ts with how to manage that wealth. Do, responsibly, leave money to your family. Don’t give money to someone or an organization that wastes or missuses money. You should always give 10% back to the Lord. Do not give all your money away unless you truly feel God is calling you to do so, this is rare. Imagine generations of people following Christ, building wealth for the kingdom of God and passing on that wealth onto fellow believers. Ultimately, this keeps building the kingdom with hard work and generosity!

Wealth is not evil

First, work is not evil. When you work you get paid in some way for that service. The money you receive is not evil. If you save that money over time and invest wisely, the amount of money you have is not evil. When you manage the wealth for the kingdom of God, saying the wealth is evil is also saying that what God has blessed you with is evil. The love of money is the root of all evil, not money itself. When contentment is learned, you are free to enjoy some of what you have, save some and give the rest away.


Truthfully, being content is the key to the biblical view of wealth. We all bring nothing into this world and we will bring nothing out of it. The Lord blesses us each day and we get to choose to be thankful and live a life for His kingdom. When we chase wealth, we are never fulfilled. However, if you are content with what you have and you work for the Lord, you will be blessed. We all will die and all that will be left is your legacy. No matter what you do, time still passes on, but if you live for the glory of God, you can be part of something bigger than yourself. If you work and save your money, you can leave a legacy to help further that kingdom.

The Legacy Journey Summary

Dave is very up front with the Christian view of wealth in this book. He takes on truths and lies. I highly recommend this book for those who will dive deeper into their legacy and further the kingdom of God. If I had one complaint, it’s that at the end of the book Dave takes a couple chapters from other books and puts them in this one. He does own rights to the other Ramsey personalities’ books. Nonetheless, I would have liked to see more content from Dave and not his team. However, that marketing strategy is not lost on me.

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You can find yourself a copy of The Legacy Journey here.

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