List of Veeam file extensions

Below is a list of Veeam file extensions with an explanation for each. I use this list for studying for various Veeam tests.

  • VBK – full backup file
  • VIB – incremental backup file
  • VRB – reverse incremental backup file
    • (I think VBR is a miss-print you may see on the web)
  • VBM – replica¬†metadata file
  • BCO – configuration backup file
  • DEM – private and public encryption key – Enterprise manager
  • VSB – virtual synthetic backup (pointers to backup data blocks)
  • VLB – database logs
  • DIT – active directory¬†database file
  • MDF – Microsoft SharePoint content database file
  • EDB –¬†Microsoft Exchange mailbox database
  • ERM – Scale out backup repository
  • RCT and MRT – used to complement CBT data with Microsoft Hyper-V 2016 RCT (Resilient Changed Tracking)
  • CTP – info on data blocks that have changed for Hyper-V replication from a Veeam proprietary driver.

I found this information in my VMCE-95 textbook, and in Veeam’s online documentation.

This extension list is part of my Veeam Study Guide.

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