Recently, I tried to use Cloudflare with Pfsense. I used the IP addresses and Those IP addresses are meant to use DNS to block malware and adult content sites. I ran into an issue getting the content blocking to work and wanted to share.

First, in Pfsense, I went to System > General Setup > DNS Server Settings.

Cloudflare with Pfsense
Pfsense > System > General Setup

Set the DNS servers and add as many as desired. I thought my problem was I needed to check disable DNS forwarder right below the DNS servers within that page of settings.

Cloudflare with Pfsense
Disable DNS Forwarder

However, I was still able to get to the wrong sites so I was not forcing the use of Cloudflare’s DNS servers.

Second, within Pfsense, I went to Services > DNS Forwarder.

Cloudflare and Pfsense > Services > DNS Forwarder

From there I unchecked the box to enable the DNS forwarder. This fixed my issue. It forced my devices to use the Cloudflare DNS servers and the malware / adult content filtering worked.

It’s a simple solution for using Cloudflare with Pfsense and I figured I would share in case others ran into this in their home labs.

At the time of this writing, Cloudflare DNS servers are free for anyone to use and my Pfsense version is 2.4.5 (community edition).

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If you want more information on those IPs from Cloudflare, you can find info here.

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