Everyday Millionaires is written by Chris Hogan and is based on the largest study of millionaires ever conducted.  10,000 millionaires were surveyed and studied to find out any common traits, circumstances or practices that lead them to achieve a million-dollar net worth or more. Chris defines a millionaire as someone who has a million dollars or more after you subtract their debts from their owned assets. I want to touch on three of the takeaways I got from the book; the first being choices.


Admittedly, we aren’t all given the same circumstances in life, but we are given the same power of choice. If you are born in the USA you have a greater chance of becoming wealthy than someone born in a smaller, poorer country. However, you can choose to drop out of school or drink and eat away 100’s (or 1,000’s) of dollars per paycheck. We’re all presented with choice throughout life, if we choose to save money, over time all can become wealthy.  Provided you live in a country where you can control much of your money freely, such as in the USA, you can become a millionaire. It’s not easy to make these choices, you must sacrifice pleasure and lifestyle.


Truthfully, delayed gratification is the best gift you can give your finances. Use the 401k and Roth options. Take money out of your paycheck before it hits your bank account. That way you don’t notice the financial hit. The government, no matter which government you are under, will take out taxes before you get your paycheck from your employer. Might as well pay your future self as well. The number one contributing factor to people becoming a millionaire was retirement options like the 401k, according to Everyday Millionaires. Consequently, choices plus sacrifices equals being intentional.

Everyday Millionaires are Intentional

Therefore, intentional people save every paycheck. Those people become millionaires. Create goals, write them down and find the best way to keep yourself accountable. It is not luck to become a millionaire. A great quote on luck from the book, “Isn’t it funny how the people who work the hardest are the ‘luckiest’ people?” You can always improve your financial situation if you choose and sacrifice something. Consequently, that make you intentional and a future millionaire.

Everyday Millionaires Summary

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend this book from Chris Hogan. Overall, the book’s an easy read and packed with stories from millionaires and the process to become one. Chris explores the Ramsey 10,000 millionaire study and I like to think of the book as a successor to The Millionaire Next Door. Keep in mind the book reads easier than The Millionaire Next Door. The book’s meant more as motivation and to be for the everyday American, not just as a report on the study of the wealthy.

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