Download CPU

Add more CPU now! Do you want to download more CPU to your phone? Do you think that your apps are running too slow? Download this app to your Android device and you may be able to download more CPU. This might speed up your device. You may see better performance. Download CPU is one […]

Fart You

Fart You First of all, you need an app for fart noises. Because potty humor never gets old, it applies to every aspect of our daily lives. This app is the best free ‘Fart You’ on the app store. Follow your passion and download it now to fulfill yourself and your phone. Finally, Fart You […]

Dog2D Game Update 1

Greetings and Salutations! Since my last post, I have added some small enhancements to the first level. When I think about this Dog2D game, I really want to emulate a dog as the player. I have focused on thinking about the actions and mannerisms of dogs and applying those to the game. As the dog […]