Review of “8 Seconds of Courage: a Soldier’s Story from Immigrant to the Medal of Honor”

8 Seconds of Courage is short book with a deep inspiring story about Flo Groberg’s life from a child in France to the award ceremony for the Medal of Honor. Step by step you read about the events and people that influenced Flo’s life and decisions towards the Medal of Honor. Truthfully, the meritorious recognition is just the country’s way to recognize the commitment and sacrifice that Flo and his Soldiers already committed. The meat and substance lies in the journey to the heroism and then the recovery afterwards.

Key Components

This book really highlights the journey it takes to move on instinct to protect your comrades. Flo is positively influenced by his uncle, finishes college, then joins the army. He then completes Army ranger school and leads two tours in the Middle East. It’s the memories, good and bad, that help lead him to make the right choices that protect lives. However, the 8 seconds of heroism is not the end of the voyage.

After the 8 Seconds of Courage comes recovery. This is where the battle of regret, self worth, courage to face loss and heartbreak edges on for years. Not weeks or months, it’s years of pain. It’s easy to highlight the act of valor or the ceremony for the Medal of Honor. Yet I found the most value in the story of the path to the salute to courage and the dark recovery within.

I fully recommend this book. It is a quick read but I was not able to put it down. The progression features the important points that the reader needs to understand to appreciate the journey of Flo.

You can find 8 Seconds of Courage anywhere books are sold. Here it is, sold on Amazon:

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Download CPU App

Why a Download CPU app? Why would I create an app to Download CPU? Well, of course to enable everyone on Android phones to download CPU. “Isn’t that silly?” some people may ask. Yes, it is ridiculous, but I did it for fun.

I started off the Download CPU with just pictures in paint to get my concept and design down.

Once I had the concept down, I used this silly app to learn more things about developing Android apps. I mainly learned moving back and forth through Activities and putting in more logic in the app (such as flashing the background randomly). Changing the text proved to be challenging, I had to learn about the Handler() method and delaying posts. I also got better making a 3D image and working overall with the graphics of the app. This ended up being the finished product.

Overall, I’m happy with the finished product. I learned a lot more about developing an Android app and got to make a silly Download CPU in the process.

If you want to download this app you can here:

I made a splash page for this app here, it has more pictures made from the 3D image that I created for the app.

I have a new Tic Tac Toe app. You can download the game from the Google Play store here or from the Amazon app store here.

Review of More Than Enough: Proven Keys to Strengthening Your Family and Building Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey

Copyright 1999, I’m behind the times with this version of “More Than Enough” from Dave Ramsey. What I liked about the book is that you could see the ideas of his later books forming in this one.  I’m not sure I would classify this book as a financial book, it’s more of a behavior text on how to succeed in your aspirations. The entire book is filled with what we now call today (in 2019) Dave Rants.  It provides counseling, quotes and stories touching on good moral values, integrity and character.

Another aspect this book brings is a lot of repetition, however, the repetition tells a story as you read through the chapters. Dave starts with values, vision and goals. He then maps a path that detours into hope, work, diligence, unity, contentment and giving. In between those detours are plenty of stories, quotes and motivational statements to get you fired up.

The Big Picture

Dave’s formula for financial piece starts with a decision to change.  You work on getting better with managing money and get out of debt.  From there, Dave focuses on character and building long term gains with positive moral influences. Surround yourself with who you want to become and be a better spouse, parent, friend, co-worker or citizen. Finally you finish life by serving and giving to others. The financial piece is just a part of the journey to a fulfilling life.

I recommend this book but I should set expectations. This is not just a ‘how to get out of debt’ book. It’s a motivational text on becoming a better person to serve others with a side benefit of financial freedom. It’s Dave’s way of telling you that you can do better and live a more fulfilling life.

Note: the new version, as of 2019, of the book is titled More Than Enough: The Ten Keys to Changing Your Financial Destiny. You can purchase the book here from Dave Ramsey’s store on Amazon:

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Veeam Capacity Tier Unsupported legacy data block format

While working with Veeam version 9.5 update 4, I wanted to setup a scaling repository to Amazon AWS. The backups would be stored locally first then scale out to the cloud once they got too old. I had existing backups and wanted to test my new configuration. Following this guide from Veeam here, I initiated the transfer to AWS but got this error: Capacity Tier Unsupported legacy data block format.

I found out these backups I wanted to move to the capacity tier were created with Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5 version, note they were previous backups on an older version. The job was reverse incremental and set for optimal compression. In order to use the capacity tier with Amazon AWS you have to update to Veeam version 9.5 update 4.

After Updates

I updated to 9.5 update 4 AND changed the compression level to extreme. It was then when I followed the Veeam help center guide above that I got the error: Capacity Tier Unsupported legacy data block format. This was only when the full backup was getting moved to AWS. The incremental backups moved to AWS fine.

After a support case I created a new full backup set with extreme compression using the new Veeam 9.5 update 4 version. Then, following that guide above the full backup file moved to AWS fine. No issues.

The moral of the story is to keep your backup chain the same format as much as possible. Full backups and incremental backups with the same compression and Veeam version. If you do that you should not run into any mismatch legacy block data issues.

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How to enable copy paste in a VMware console     false    false

First off, this process is easy and most of the time you don’t even need to do enable this feature. However, during my day to day I have found it helpful when managing vms to enable copy / paste in the built-in console of VMware.

Second, this is not new. This functionality has been around at least since vsphere 4.x. Case and point, just check out VMware’s online publication here. So why blog about it? Syntax. I keep forgetting the exact name in the parameters to enable copy / paste. I’m writing about to help me remember and to have an easy reference for the future.

How To:

Log into VMware vCenter or ESXi directly > right click on a vm and select ‘Edit Settings’. Select ‘VM Options’

Edit VM settings > VM Options tab” class=”wp-image-445″/></figure>

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Above, in VM Options expand ‘Advanced’ and select ‘Edit Configuration’

Below, in the Configuration Parameters click ‘Add parameter’ and enter the following for the key and value:

(Note: you will have to ‘Add parameter’ twice)

Name / KeyValue false false

You may have to restart your vm for the change to take effect. You should now be able to copy paste in a VMware console onto your vm.

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